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Angel's quest for Candy Southern leads him straight to one of X-Factor's greatest enemies -- Cameron Hodge! Meanwhile, the Orphan Maker and Nanny continue their sinister kidnaping of children. Now Cyclops and Marvel Girl are on their trail, because one of those children belongs to Cyclops!


At the headquarters of the Right, Warren fights robot-looking minions as he tries to find his girlfriend Candy Southern. As he fights, Cameron Hodge welcomes N’Astirh and his horde of demons. The demons join the fight and N’Astirh confronts Hodge about their deal. Hodge’s list of mutant babies is flawed, as each child is missing when the demons go to collect. Unknown to either, the Nanny and the Orphan Maker have intercepted the list and are currently collecting each child to protect them. Hodge tells N’Astirh to check the basement of the orphanage to find other babies. N’Astirh takes his demons with him and promises Hodge that he will not die – despite leaving him to fight Warren on his own.

On the X-Factor Ship, Jean returns and finds the place nearly empty. She catches Cyclops leaving for the orphanage he grew up in. He and Ship have discerned that his son is possibly being held there and he can’t shake the feeling that something terrible is going on. Jean volunteers to go with him, which is a relief, as Cyclops was afraid his child would remind Jean about his past life with Madelyne.

Back at the Right, Warren finds Hodge and the two begin to fight. Warren pulls his punches as he tries to talk his former friend out of being a madman. It doesn’t work. Warren learns that Candy is essentially dead. Hodge pulls the cables that keep her body in stasis and her life slowly passes as Warren tries to get to her. He finally get past Hodge and hoists her dead body. He turns to face Hodge’s reinforcements and promises them all death.

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