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Secret Invasion tie-in! A She-Hulk crossover! Darwin and Longshot show up! New cover artist, Boo Cook! New interior artist, Larry Stroman! And...oh yeah...X-Factor's new digs! What do we have to do, put it in your hands ourselves?! 

Longshot and Darwin are in Detroit and Longshot is heckling  random gangbangers to test his luck powers. Evidentially, they work because they attack Darwin instead of him. He continues to yell stupid comments, aggravating them further.

 Hector Munoz is at X-Factor Investigations. He whispers to them he has heard they specialize in mutants. They assure him he doesn’t have to whisper, their office isn’t bugged. CUT TO; van outside – Agent Val Cooper, listening in on the conversation. Munoz says he used to be a drunk and when his wife blamed him for their son, Darwin, being a mutant, he left. Now he would like them to help him find his son.

 Back to the street brawl, the geniuses ‘bangers have finally figured out that Darwin is a mutant. Longshot is still heckling and Armando finally has enough. He books it out of there, running extraordinarily fast, so they then turn to Longshot. A young woman is watching, and when Longshot gets away, she follows, transforming into a Skrull. Longshot hears something, looks back, and the Skrull then turns into a mouse.

 X-Factor is examining a photo of Darwin and Jamie assures Mr. Munoz that if Darwin is in Detroit, they’ll find him.

Later, Jamie and Guido are meeting Agent Cooper in a bar. Cooper tells them that the Munoz case has to take the backburner for her. Jamie tells her to forget it, and she says that the only reason that they haven’t been arrested yet is- “We’re Americans with rights protected under the constitution?” Jamie finishes. Strong Guy spits out his drink and asks Jamie to warn him next time he’s going to make a joke. In the end, Cooper gives them another 24 hour deadline to deal with the Darwin thing or she’ll “take it off at the neck.” 

Longshot and Darwin meet up again and Darwin spots their stalker. He points ‘her’ out to Longshot, who recognises her. They take off after her, and she reports it to someone named “Jennifer” that she’s been spotted, just before the thugs go after her this time. She tells him to hold it, and he shoots at her. She shoots back, causing Darwin to attach her. She is about to shoot him in the face when Monet comes out from nowhere, taking her down without any effort.  But as Monet is restraining the unknown Skrull, She-Hulk charges at her.


TBC in She-Hulk #31    

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