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Following the events of MESSIAH COMPLEX, X-Factor Investigations is in shambles. Jamie is a basketcase from his trip to a nightmarish future, Layla’s fate is completely in the air, and Wolfsbane has to leave the team to join X-FORCE, though none of her friends can know about it. What will Wolfsbane tell the X-Factor team? What are they going to do about Layla? How is Jamie coping with his guilt? Get onboard here for X-Factor’s brand-new direction!

Siryn goes to church to confess her sins of using the Lord's name in vain, coveting M's iPhone, impure thoughts about Jamie, and getting "knocked up" with his kid.

At X-Factor Investigations, Rahne is telling Jamie that she has to leave X-Factor. He doesn't understand why and she is unable to tell him it is to join the secret covert team, X-Force. He just can't forgive her for leaving at such a bad time. As he begins walking out the room, she jumps in front of him and tell him that she killed him and Layla in the future. Tryp Senior showed her the vision of them being dead on Jamie and Layla's wedding night (when she was grown up). Jamie said Layla's gone so it's okay. Rahne says that she'll be back.

Rictor is out walking and thinks he sees Layla walk around the corner. Rictor runs after her. Turns out it's not her but a young girl that looks like her, working the streets. He begins to lecture her and grabs her wrist. When she says that hurts, her pimp and his cronies is nearby. Itching for a fight, Rictor slugs the guy. With four against one, (the girl zaps him with a taser), things don't look too good. Until Strong Guy comes and saves him. Rictor is tired of everyone thinking he constantly needs help.

M laughs when she hears Rahne is leaving. She doesn't believe her. Monet takes out an iPhone and says it's for her. She says that she got one for Theresa because she kept eyeing hers and it was bothering her. She didn't want everyone being jealous so she just bought one for them all. Right as she's going to hand it to Rahne, she crushes it in her hand since she's leaving. She tells her if she changes her mind and comes back, she still has one in the box that was meant for Layla.

Strong Guy calls Jamie outside the hospital where Rictor is getting patched up. As he leaves a message, Jamie walks by him. He says he's looking for someone to beat up. Guido follows him as Jamie walks into an apparent condemned building that is really a local chapter of the Purifiers. Jamie just strolls in and the leader recognizes him right away. He says he should have killed him the instant he saw him. Jamie tells him he's right, takes out a gun and shoots the guy. Stomping his foot, there are more ready to take on the entire room full of Purifiers.

It turns out that Jamie used a tranq gun on their leader. Interestingly enough, the M on his face reappears.

Theresa tells Monet that she's pregnant. Rictor tries telling Jamie about the sudden split going on in Mutant Town since some have lost their powers and mutant-appearance. There's other stuff going down but no one will listen to what he's seeing. Then he finds out that he's not even talking to Jamie but rather one of his dupes. He figures Rahne will listen to him. Going upstairs he finds her room empty save for an envelope with his name on it.

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MC aftermath- X-factor issue. 0

Great to see this book actually back again. It's been awhile. The interactions between all the characters were excellent as per usual. Jamie's narration was awesome, and it was good to see Rictor having a few pages. He's getting better at handling the no powers thing, and he just wants people to stop thinking he's weak. Great moments between him and Guido. At first they didn't get along, but it's awesome to see them being friendlyish. Rahne's depature was the focus of the issue, along with Terry...

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