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The death of an X-Man reveals answers to some of the mysteries surrounding the new mutant, and creates a host of questions. The baby falls into the hands of a major player in the conflict, but things aren’t always as they seem. And it’s high noon for X-Force, the Marauders and the X-Men.

And another mutant is killed...sort of.


In the future at the Mutant Relocation Camp, the Madrox dupe and Layla try to talk to young Lucas Bishop. He leaves as soon as they start talking. When they finally catch up to him he yells at them for trying to talk to him in front of the guards. They tell him they need to know who cause this horrible world. Thinking, Lucas asks them if they are Destiny Freaks. He tells them of the group of mutants that thought they were special and could lead the humans into a peaceful world. About eighty years ago, most of them vanished. The few remaining kept going until a mutant messiah was born. Things looked good until the messiah kills a million humans. Madrox tries telling him that if it wasn't for the messiah, he would have never been born. Lucas says so what. He lives in a horrible world and had to watch his parents die. He says he wishes someone would have killed the baby when it was born. He would've if he could. After Lucas leaves them a guard that Layla bumped into comes running up to them. He demands to know where his missing grenade went. It had to be her that took it. She hugs Madrox and says sorry, she knows this is the only way. The Madrox dupe dies in the explosion.

In the present, the Stepford Cuckoos tell Emma and Scott that there were able to track Gambit. He is on what's left of Muir Island. Scott sends Bishop there along with X-Force.

Siryn is still standing over Jamie's comatose body. With the world in turmoil, Caliban dead, and Jamie lying helpless, Theresa begins to pray. She says they need him back. She needs him back. To her surprise, Jamie's eyes snap open at that moment. She calls in the others and they are shocked as an M tattoo suddenly appears on his face. He simply asks where Bishop is.

Now the pieces are falling into place. They were attacked by the Sentinels after they found out Cable was involved. Bishop worked with ONE and had access to the Sentinels. Jamie couldn't care less about all of Cable or Bishop. He says they need to go back and get Layla.

Professor X is patching up Cable. He says he has a lot to explain. Cable tells him that he knows what the future holds. He knows the baby saves everyone. He couldn't say anything to anyone because half the X-Men on his squad ended up being Marauders. There's no time to go into all the details. They need to save the baby now.

On Muir Island, Gambit is about to hand the baby over to Mr. Sinister. He tells the others to prepare for the X-Men. When Gambit and Sinister are away from the others, Sinister is revealed to be Mystique. The real Sinister is lying on the floor. He chances of being alive don't look too good.

At the Xavier Institute, Dust is taking more flowers to the graves as Rockslide and Mercury follow. Santos is still upset they there are stuck sitting around missing all the action when stumble across a hungry Predator X.

Back at Muir Island, the X-Force and Bishop arrive and there doesn't seem to be any sign of the Marauders. Even Bishop's high tech scanners don't pick up any signs of life. Wolverine isn't buying it. He knows that there are members of the Marauders like Lady Mastermind that can

make you think everything is not what really is. Sticking out his claws in front of him, he nails Lady Mastermind in the gut. The Marauders are revealed and the fun is about to start.

To be continued in New X-Men #46!

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epic Xover suits up 0

its weird to read this standalone, but not as frustrating as waiting to see the arc concluded. i say that having loved Messiah CompleX though ..and wondering if the x-titles will be able to top this, ever. if this had been my first flip through this issue i might not have enjoyed it at all. theres a lot of threads unraveling, tightening up, and fraying about that it can be difficult for the reader to orient themselves. the members of X-Factor are split between a damning future and in the present...

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