jaadu's X-Factor #25 - Messiah Complex Chapter Three review

Ehh... it was GOOD

I like the Messiah Complex so far... but it's starting to become less adventurous and isn't AS exciting as it was before... don't get me wrong i'm still loving the storyline so far, but the 1st part was soo good, and the next two parts weren't as good..... I mean this issue overall was good, but my expectations were HIGHER

It was great to see the x-men in action (lol love how Wolverine breaks into the hospital!) but it was kinda a "Laid Back" issue...... I mean they were just getting ready for the action-- not doing much... and THIS WAS X-FACTOR, so y wasn't focused on them that much! and where the F* was MONET?!? and the 2nd print shows her on the cover...... IN YET she wasn't even in the comic! gahh and storm was on the cover of part 2 of M.C. (in UXM) but she wasn't in there either until this issue! y is marvel doing this! Wat characters that appear in the main part of the cover should appear in the issue!

Overall it was good, I mean we got a taste of what the x-factor is up to I guess... Oh and loved Wolfsbane and the fake blood at the starting :P

and WTF was the last two pages of the comic about!?! I mean it was like a reprint of the last comic! same questions to the x-men staff, and like the same fun facts ....... well anyways it was a good issue but nothing too great...

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