grey56's X-Factor #230 review

David as Goliath

So I saw Wolverine on the cover. As a kid, when I saw Wolverine on covers of other titles like Cap and DD - I would pick up the title because, hey, who doesn't love a cameo ? Upon reaching my 30's and marriage, one might think I'd completely outgrown that mindset. And in truth - I had. Something though - something in the Previews page " PICK THIS UP ". Now, I did see Peter David was on the title. I had known that for a bit, but had yet to pick it up as I have had an aversion to anything but Uncanny since I usually don't endorse the dozen other 'X' titles.

Boy am I glad I did. In one issue alone, David sold me on why he's still the best there what he does (forgive me pun gods). In seriousness, its amazing how one man can so intricately create the personalities of each character and not have them sound like they bleed over to one another because the writer can't keep them separate. Not only that - they're all compelling. Oh, yeah - Wolverine stops by and in case you didn't know this I'm going to ruin it for you; David writes Logan as well as you will find. Yeah, I said it. Go back and read Marvel Comics Presents if you don't believe me.

While I won't ruin the whole book or surprises therein - I will say I'll be picking up this book and probably a good deal of David's back issues on this series just so I can read what he does to the characters. Oh, it seems fair to say too that the last time I picked up X-Factor ? Jean was still alive. And wearing an 80's outfit. Check it out folks. Did I mention Wolverine was on the cover ?


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