matkrenz's X-Factor #229 - They Keep Killing Madrox review

The case of the mismatched covers.

So an aspect of this series I have not talked about are the David Yardin covers and how great they are. They each represent the issues they are on very well, they are never overcrowded (wich with the number of people on the team it would be easy), they have a good sense of humour and show great emotion. This cover is no exception, it's a great parody of the "IN THIS ISSUE ONE CHARACTER WILL DIE" covers but it would have been better for X-Factor #227 where Madrox died, also the X-Factor #228 would have worked better for this issue because it's all about Madrox being completely out of whack since he's in an alternate universe and he's in pure shock when the big important stuff is revealed and the 227 cover would have worked better for 228 because that's when they were fighting BB.

So after all that this issue was still great. PAD is able to create a whole universe in a matter of pages in very good moments of exposition that aren't forced at all and shows a kinda crappy universe where mutants are persecuted only when they are suspected but aren't responsible. Kinda like actual minority's.

Also PAD changes some stuff around from recent X-Factor arcs (like Rahne's kid) to aid his story and how that relates to the third story arc of the series (wich I haven't read yet). Also when I saw Shatterstar and Longshot I laughed out loud because it just shows how much their original costumes were silly and they are still alluding to the future Star and LS story. Also all the other writing positives I have with this series apply. Also Lupacchino is back on art duties and im happy about that.

Verdict: Okay that cover rant might have been a bit to long but that's like the only negative I have. I am having a ball with this series and the imagination that PAD has when it comes to alt. universe's is simple but very effective. I mean I love the idea of Jamie's dupes in this universe having their own superpower.

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