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If only I knew these guys

This story arc must be awesome to those who have been reading X-Factor for a while. Because there are tons of revelations and gasp moments. For me, this is a fun story arc, but the revelations mean nothing. And that sucks, but it's one of the pitfalls of the Marvel Universe. I love that they tend to stick tightly to their canon with as few retcons as possible. But the end result is that you're left unable to react to revelations like the one in this issue.

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Posted by MatKrenz

Then go back and get the X-Factor trades. Peter David has been weaving this great tale on this title for the past 5 years now and there are no ends in sight.

Posted by ThePRez

I had the same problem with this issue but liked overall

Posted by djotaku

@MatKrenz: I definitely intend to. I just need to finished with my X-Men trades. Almost there. Just got to Messiah Complex and the first trade of X-Men Legacy.

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