matkrenz's X-Factor #227 review

Enter stage left and just be confused.

Review for X-Factor #227.

Story: The team searches for Bloodbath at an empty studio lot.

Thoughts: I have no idea if you people reading this are sick and tired of me going on and on each month saying that X-Factor is my favorite ongoing but it is. PAD just knows these characters and writes such believable squabbling between them and such rich interplay and when Peter gets to put an obscure villain in the conversation it's just so funny. Also with the villain he creates in this issue he just shows that he knows how to make them unique, his internal monologue is like reading a screenplay, it's like he wants to control life like a movie or a tv show or even a comic book, it's all very meta. We have also been hyped up with a member dying and all I have to say it's a letdown if you were expecting somebody to actually die but it does serve the story well. With the previous issue's we were seeing Guido more and more of a jerk since he has no inhibitions but here we see him being a complete brute and pummeling BB to the ground, it is so primal. And if you haven't been reading X-Factor for over 3 years you wont get it like I did but thanks to the Comic Vine podcast I get where this comes from. Also I love Kirk's art, it's like Phil Hester but with more expressions.

Verdict: Another fantastic X-Factor issue, a highly interesting villain and real good art. This is a definite buy.


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