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Review for X-Factor #224.1 
The Story: Madrox and Layla visit where Jamie used to live and gets to know the family who lives there. While the rest of the team is fighting a demon who pretends to be an old lady. 
The Good: PAD writes a very good jumping on issue for new readers. The way he does it is give exposition to characters that know nothing of our protagonists. As any other PAD comic there well placed humour here, also Layla is really creepy here when she says "You should have hid better". Also the action is well integrated. And the last page was very suprising to me. 
The Bad: I have been reading this series since issue #213 so this wasn't really needed for me. 
The Verdict: Very well written issue wich does a good job at explaining the characters powers and the backstory for the team leader. So if you want to read X-Factor (and you should) then buy this issue.

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Posted by shawn87

So you haven't read any of the series before issue #213? If not I'd recommend reading it if possible. It's been a pretty solid series since the beginning

Posted by B'Town

I jumped on recently due to a friend or three's recommendations. I am only one issue in and think I'm going to enjoy the ride.

Thanks for the review. :D

Posted by longbowhunter

This seems to be the only Marvel point one issue that serves its purpose. If I'd picked this book up cold and was new to the series I'd be well informed and anxious to read more. Current volume of X-Factor has been going strong for around 75 issues. Kudos to Peter David!!

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