djotaku's X-Factor #220 - Original Sins review

The Cover Does it a little disservice?

I passed over this book quite a few times in the last few weeks.  Something about it just made me think the story inside was dumb.   I ended up picking it up because I'm surveying all the X-books.  Little did I know that a great story lay within.  The X-books writers have been on a roll - they've had a lot of strong stories to start up their story arcs.  I must say that I love the intros that Marvel has in their books now.  It makes it much easier to jump right into the story.  While the story was relatively action free throughout the beginning, I loved the characterizations.  I'm a sucker for characters who don't have a clue like Shatterstar.  It tends to be a great commentary on life if done well.  Apparently something bad will come of the fact that Rahne got sexed up by a norse god.  I'm very curious to see where the story goes.  I'm also curious how much investigation goes on in X-Factor.  Originally, I thought it'd be like the Scooby Doo of Marvel or something.  Thankfully that appears not to be the case.

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