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Been A While

This issue really exemplifies why this series is amongst my favorites and maybe one of the best X-Titles out there. 
First thing I want to mention is that I LOVE Shatterstar. His constant discovery of our world through Rictor and the entertainment he keeps exposing him to is never going to get old to me. Also, you can tell Peter David has a love for movies and TV and isn't afraid to drop obscure references through Shatterstar.  Just a little observation I wanted to throw out there.
This issue picks up after the whole SCARS/JJJ arc and chooses to focus on a couple of characters who have been needing to talk for a while. Rahne and Shatterstar hashing things out about Rictor and where they all stand is really the most important of the storylines in this book. This is part of the reason why X-Factor is one of my favorite X-titles. It's not all about the action and the powers, which does happen quite a bit, but more so it's about all the characters and their relationships. Hell, when Guido was dying a few issues ago they focused on how this power house mutant was dealing with death and Monet's feelings rather than focus on any action really. 
Of course, just when Rahne and Shatterstar really start getting somewhere some of that action and powers shows up. It's not a bad little story it just feels like a prelude to something bigger, which it is, which tends to be unsatisfying usually. What's more important than the fight is who shows up in the final panel. Let's discuss that a little bit. 

All in all, I really liked this issue. It's nice to see Shatterstar getting to do more and hopefully this arc leads to Rahne giving birth (how long has she been pregnant?) and we can see where this is going to go. I've only been reading since Second Coming so all I know about her being pregnant is from the Happenings In Vegas arc.

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