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Kill Them With Piousness 0

I'll start by saying that I overall really enjoyed this issue.  Coming from being the quietest shyest mutant ever, Rahne has really changed over the years and it was awesome to see an issue showcase her after everything she's been through.  With that being said...I don't like how she's been acting lately.  If you read my blogs then you already know how I feel about her lately , but just to reiterate: I just cant get on board with her behavior recently.  Her response to Rictor and Shatterstar's r...

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There was a stereotype ? 0

Issue #220 of X-Factor.  The Story: Rahne decide's to go to church and meets Shatterstar along the way and they have a bit of a chat, a run in with a demon and Feral joins them at the end.  The Good: PAD is just greta at making two characters and make it feel like the most natural thing in the world. Star and Rahne needed a good heart to heart and they get a great one and we do see a gentler side with Star and a homeless guy. The demon taking the form of a younger Rahne and killing everybody in ...

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Been A While 0

This issue really exemplifies why this series is amongst my favorites and maybe one of the best X-Titles out there.  First thing I want to mention is that I LOVE Shatterstar. His constant discovery of our world through Rictor and the entertainment he keeps exposing him to is never going to get old to me. Also, you can tell Peter David has a love for movies and TV and isn't afraid to drop obscure references through Shatterstar.  Just a little observation I wanted to throw out there. This issue pi...

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The Cover Does it a little disservice? 0

I passed over this book quite a few times in the last few weeks.  Something about it just made me think the story inside was dumb.   I ended up picking it up because I'm surveying all the X-books.  Little did I know that a great story lay within.  The X-books writers have been on a roll - they've had a lot of strong stories to start up their story arcs.  I must say that I love the intros that Marvel has in their books now.  It makes it much easier to jump right into the story.  While the story w...

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