comicbufftoughstuff's X-Factor #15 - Whose Death Is This Anyway? review

Fallen Angel

This issue is a big deal. No spoiler that Angel dies, thanks to the cover, but how and why? The earlier issues have a lot of necessary information needed to understand this story fully, but thanks to good-hearty dialogue the situation would make sense either way. After a battle with the Marauders (whoever they are) while saving Artie (one of the rescued mutants) Angels wings were severely wounded. Warren was taken to the hospital and the doctors diagnose his wings with gangrene. This incident has also brought to light his shady financial dealings, why Warren Worthington III, a mutant himself, would finance the mutant hunters known as X-Factor. He and Jean meanwhile have been getting closer to each other after the accident, which bothered Scott a couple issues back. It is now the court claims him incompetent, and the hospital, in Warren's best interest, amputates his wings. Warren wakes up healthy but he is no longer a mutant, and is incredibly angry that this has happened. He runs from the hospital to the airport, and takes flight for one last time. He takes off in his private jet, and it destructs...not sure how but I guess it self-destructs or something. Apparently, if the plane self-destructs as the panel suggests, Angel committed suicide. This is supposed to be a real shocker, and it is but strangely it also really isn't. Warren was a superhero after all and committing suicide isn't very heroic but you're not surprised because he's been whining about losing his wings and how he'd be better of dead for the last couple issues. Yeah I feel bad for Warren, he was accused of fraud, which he was sort of guilty of, and if he died, he claimed, all his money would be willed to X-Factor. Is this a heroic suicide or sacrifice? I don't think so but that's really up to you. Honestly from a person not schooled in the Marvel mythos, I don't know what purpose of Angel's death will serve. I have an inkling it's got something to do with Apocalypse...but right now I'm not certain of anything, and I think that's a good thing. It's nice that the writer (Louise Simonson) was able to make it work like that, start with a seemingly blank slate...anything could happen to Angel. But even still, with the great content of this issue, it aches to see how Angel falls from a founding member of the X-men, to a painful memory.


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