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X. Drake used to be a Rear Admiral for the Marines, but quit because he wanted to be happy with his life. He became a freedom fighter, and gathered a crew of loyal men, calling them the Drake Pirates. He is calm and quiet compared to the other Supernovas, and tried to keep a low profile on Sabaody Archipelago. Drake uses his innate knowledge of the Marines to his advantage, which contributed to his massive bounty of 222,000,000. 
X. Drake is a thin but muscular man who has "X" markings on his chest and chin; they could either be scars or tattoos. He wars an open blue jacket, and a hat that looks like a raptors skull. He has rather thin arms and legs, which are usually covered in armor. He wears a copper belt buckle with a unique design on it.
Due to the intensive training he underwent to become a Rear Admiral, Drake is very strong, wielding a four-headed axe with one arm. When trying to outrun the Shichibukai, he leaped over an eight foot tall man and got across a ten mile plain in a couple of minutes. When cornered, he was able to fight Bartholomew Kuma, the strongest of the Pacifista, as an equal for a few minutes. 
His fighting abilities are enhanced by what is called a rare, ancient, Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a massive dinosaur. In this form, he as able to bite off the head of a government cyborg. However, he was still vulnerable to his former boss, Kizaru's, light blast.

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