cafeterialoca's X-Club #1 - We Do Science pt 1 review


This book features the Science division of the (Real) X-Men (Of UTOPIA). As the team tries to help this company with their floating science facility, things go, of course, wrong.

I'm a big fan of Dr. Nemesis, and I gotta say, this was a huge hit for me. He shines with almost every line being hilarious. And not just him, Cyclops trying to act for the PR, Danger getting very pushy, all the cast sings with vibrant personalities.

Though I bashed on Wolverine and the X-Men for being too whacky, I feel this is a nicer slower pace whacky. From Dr. Nemesis' angry reaction to how he ranked on the "World's smartest heroes" list, to seagulls that shoot lasers.

DO NOT PASS THIS BOOK UP! This will probably be the next underrated gem from Marvel you can't miss!

Posted by Edgeworth_11

Much better than the other review! Well done my friend :)

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@Edgeworth_11: The other review is what drove me to write this. I think this is a book that should not be overlooked!

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    At first when I thought this was going to be a new book I thought - REALLY MARVEL? Come on now? How many X-Books do we need?!? But it's a mini-series so that's not too bad. It actually turned out to be more fun than I thought it would. It's funny - Dr Nemesis gains a personality and I think it's a good look at the other scientists that aren't often featured in the regular books. Scott comes off as a bit of a jerk to Wolverine, but other than that it's good....

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    Read the book last night so while it is fresh in my mind, I want to do a mini review.The GoodIt's nice to see these "geeks" get some face time. Nemesis is easily more entertaining to read than any other "geek" I can think of. His dry humor and snarky comments remind me of Dr.House. And you know with him, a "LOL" moment or 2 is not far away. His reaction to the Super Hero Intellgent list made me spit my drink in laughter.Madison Jeffries and Danger interaction often leads to some "awkward teen" m...

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