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X-Calibre is a field team built around Nightcrawler, who is sent by Magneto to locate Destiny, a mutant with clairvoyance powers, so that she can verify Bishop's story of alternate version of their world without Apocalypse´s reign. He must travel to Avalon, a secret refuge where mutants and humans live together in peace.   
During his journey, he faced Angel, John Proudstar, the pirate Callisto and the Pale Riders,  a group of Apocalypse's assassins  .In order to complete his mission he must be fierce and coldblooded.  
Roster: Nightcrawler (leader), Mystique, Switchback and later Damask (Pale Rider reformed).  
The named X-Calibre gets from an in-jock between Nightcrawler and Mystique, because of the caliber of bullets she uses, simply stamped with an X. 

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