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Having just killed Dead-Man Wade of the Pale Riders the members of X-Calibre must now deal with the Shadow King. The Shadow King was possessing mutants in Avalon and having them kill eachother. X-Calibre devises a plan to have Nightcrawler teleport and have his entry port stay open long enough to draw in the Shadow King to kill him. They are in the process but it goes slightly wrong. When they draw him in he releases a psionic blast of staggering purportions aimed at Destiny. He would have killed her save her adopted son, Douglas Ramsey, jumped in the way and took the hit, killing him. The Shadow King was also killed in the process. Now with her son dead Destiny decides to follow X-Calibre vowing to end Apocalypse's reign and seeing him die.

The story continues in X-Men Omega. The end of Age of Apocalypse is approaching...

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