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After killing his sister, Fuma wants to kill Kamui. Fuma tries to retire the sacred sword. But Kakyo takes possession of Kotori’s corpse and stops him. Kotori doesn’t want her brother to kill Kamui. Arashi, Sorata, Yuzuhira, Inuki, Subaru, Seiichiro and Daisuke arrive and see this awful scene. Fuma dismembers his sister and runs away without the sacred sword. Kamui doesn’t support the situation. Once again, a person he loves was killed.

Hinoto is afflicted whereas Kanoe is surprised by the cold heart of Fuma.

Kotori does an ultimate dream with Kakyo. She explains she didn’t want her brother to kill Kamui because if he did that, Fuma couldn’t return to his normal behaviour. She apologizes to have used Kakyo. He doesn’t care because he knows he will become a dragon of Earth. He regrets to not save her. She accepted to self-sacrifice in order to protect Kamui and the Earth. Kotori must leave. Angel wings grow on her back. Kakyo is sad because he will never see Kotori anymore. She has a message for Kamui and Fuma: she loves them and the future is not foreordained.

Kamui is a catatonic state with Kotori’s head in his hands. Dragons of Heaven are completely afflicted by the last events. Sorata thinks that Kamui will always stay in this state. Subaru decides to see Kamui and uses his powers to enter in Kamui’s spirit. Kamui tries to eject him, but Subaru succeeds to enter. He sees the death of Kotori and then he falls under the Sea of Tears to see the childhood of Kamui. But Fuma appears and kills the young Fuma and the young Kotori. Subaru tries to enter in contact with the young Kamui.

In the reality, Fuma breaks in a chamber of the Four Season Hotel. It is the chamber of Kakyo who brings Fuma in a dream. He shows him the message that Kotori let. Fuma doesn’t care. For him, there is only one future and it is foreordained. Upset, Fuma destroys the dream, catches Kakyo and leaves the place.

In Kamui’s spirit, Subaru succeeds to take the attention of young Kamui. He explains he knows his feelings. Subaru shows him how his sister was killed by the person he loves. He asks Kamui to do a choice. Kamui decides to come back in order to save Fuma. Subaru brings him to the reality.

Fuma asks Kakyo what is his wish. He responds he wants to die. Fuma tells him he will realize his wish the “jour de la promesse”. Fuma brings Kakyo to the City Hall.

Kotori was buried inside Clamp School. Kamui remembers his old memories in front of Kotori’s grave. Sorata arrives, hungs Kamui and tries to comfort him. The other seals do their appearance, even Karen Kasumi. She is surprise to see an old acquaintance in the person of Seiichiro Aoki. Karen introduces herself to Kamui. She delivers him Tokiko’s message: to bring the sacred sword at the heart of Clamp School. It is at this moment that Imonoyama Nokoru, Ijuin Akira and Suo Takamura do their appearance. They will show them the emplacement to protect the sacred sword.

Kakyo enters in contact with Hinoto. He tells her he knows she sees what happened before it was realized. Moreover he reveals he knows she lies to others in order to realize her wish.

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