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Kanoe and Hinoto continue their conversation. Kanoe confirms that if Kamui has two destinies, there is only one future: the death of Kotori.

Arashi and Sorata make their way to Nakano Sunplaza. Subura overtakes them. Arashi and Sorata don’t know him; but they suppose he is a dragon. They decide to follow him.

Three men arrive at the Togakushi Shrine. They introduce themselves Nokoru as Imonoyama, Akira Iyuin and Suo Takamura from Clamp School. Tokiko called them to take the sacred sword and protect her at the heart of five-branch star until the “jour de la promesse”.

Kakyo has another vision. There are two sacred swords: one for Kamui and one for Kamui’s twin star.

Daisuke and Yuzuhira arrive at Yasukuni Shrine. Seiichiro join them. Yuzuhira and Seiichiro tease Daisuke. Moreover, Seiichiro reveals he is Daisuke’s uncle. Daisuke brings them back to a serious discussion and talks about the last destroyed kekkai.

Subaru arrives at a Nakano Sunplaza completely destroyed. He finds Seichiro who is happy to see him. Arashi and Sorata are not so far from them. A discussion begins until Subaru decides to create a kekkai in order to realize his wish. A fight begins. Arashi and Sorata understand the fighters are onmyoji; so the dragon of Earth is Seichiro Sakurazukamori and the dragon of Heaven is Subaru Sumeragi. The fight is intense and none of the fighters can take an advantage over his opponent. Seichiro tries to upset Subaru remembering him that he killed Hokuto Sumeragi, Subaru’s sister. Seichiro uses a spell to disappear. Arashi and Sorata try to find him because no one could escape from a kekkai. But Subaru doesn’t want to fight anymore and cancels his kekkai. He confirms he is Subaru Sumeragi to Sorata and Arashi.

Kotori, Fuma and Kamui arrive at Clamp School. The sacred sword stolen by Nataku calls the other sacred sword. Kotori has another vision with Kakyo who explains the sacred sword lament. Kamui feels that too. He doesn’t understand why there are two sacred swords. Nokoru shows him a video of Tokiko. She explains that Kamui must follow his heart before deciding to become a dragon. If he wants to protect people he loves then he must become a dragon of Heaven. And if he wants to protect the Earth then he must become a dragon of Earth.

Hinoto and Kanoe have a vision where a Kamui with angel wings kills a Kamui with devil wings.

Kamui thinks a lot about his aunt’s words. It is when he sees Kotori and Fuma that he decides to protect them instead of the Earth. This declaration transforms Fuma’s behaviour. He attacks Kamui with telekinetic powers and tells Kamui that if Kamui is a dragon of Heaven, then he will be a dragon of Earth. Fuma catches his sister, fixes her on a cross and kills her with the sacred sword under Kamui’s eyes.

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