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Kamui bursts into tears when he sees his aunt dismembered. Once again, he could not modify the destiny of a person he loves. The spirit of Tokiko is called by the sacred sword. She comforts Kamui saying she chose this destiny and he must hide the sacred sword inside the Clamp School. She says goodbye to Kamui and her spirit disappears.

Kotori arrives and sees Tokiko’s corpse. The memory of her mother’s true death comes back in her mind. Kotori cannot endure this and confounds Tokiko with her mother. Kamui tries to protect her yelling to look at him. Kotori is into a trance. She goes to Tokiko’s corpse. Kamui tries to stop her but Fuma blocks him. He is also into a trance. He tells Kamui there are two swords and two Kamui.

Kotori takes Tokiko’s head and falls into a catatonic state. She has another vision. She falls under the Sea of Tears and meets her mother with the appearance of a siren. Saya reveals she is a siren because she is a sinner. She accepted to do a loveless marriage for the person she loves. She accepted to die at the Togakushi Shrine instead of Toru. She gave birth to the sacred sword for her. She tells Kotori she will die for the person she loves. She sinks more and more; but she is saved by someone in a hospital’s bed. He explains they are both yumemi. Kotori tries to come near him. He brings them near the sea. They introduce themselves. His name is Kakyo Kuzuki. His heart is dead because the person he wants to see is dead. Kotori’s enters in harmony with Kakyo’s one. A Kamui with an angel wing and a devil wing appears. Kakyo stops this and Kamui disappears. He reveals that the twin star of Kamui will wake up soon and that a kekkai in Nakano will be destroyed very soon.

Fuma requires Kamui to choose his destiny, to choose the destiny of the Earth. Fuma uses his telekinetic powers on Kamui. Fuma becomes normal and Kotori wakes up. She tells them what she saw in her vision. An earthquake destroys a new kekkai. Every dragons and allies feel it. Hinoto and Kanoe discuss in Hinoto’s dream. Kanoe says that is the sakurazukamori who destroyed the Nakano Sunplaza. She explains there are two Kamui. At this moment, the vision of Kakyo comes through Hinoto’s dream. They think it is due to a yumemi, a dragon.

Sorata, Arashi and Yuzuhira decide to find the dragon of Earth responsible of the destruction of the Sunplaza. But Subaru is making better progress than the others.

Kanoe shows Hinoto Kotori’s vision she had where she dies for the Earth.

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