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I've been picking up X-23's series since the first issue came out, this was my first exposure to the character other than the x-men evolution cartoon and I have to admit i was and still am impressed with the direction that Marjorie LIu is taking her.  She has a real knack for the character that i can't help but put it near the top of my reading list every time.
Now I'm not going to say it's the best book i read since it's not, but i will say this about her run so far. One of the strong points of this book is how she creates these wonderful character driven stories where we see how she ticks throughout them. To me she's such an interesting character that i am more than happy to see her narration go on constantly while the story progresses, Liu truly does know this character and with every time she talks or speaks to herself in those narration boxes she reaffirms it for me. But also as a whole i find her t be a terrific character writer, at first i didn't really see gambit as being much of a mentor for her but as i progressed through these stories i really couldn't see anyone else besides wolvie doing it. And it's always great when a writer can make you appreciate a character like that.
But what really makes this book for me is how LIu is able to just tell the stories she wants to tell with this character without getting dragged into the huge events like fear itself and schism. This reminds me of some of the older days of marvel where a writer would just have a run on a character and write the best stories they could for that character. The only thing missing is an artist that would stay on the title consistently, if i could pick i would go with the artist who drew the issue where jubilee showed up,that art was so stunning and suited the character so well that it would only enhance Liu's scripts even more.  
That aside however I can't wait to see what Liu has in store for the character next and i can only hope that this will be only the beginning of this highly entertaining run. So what are you thoughts? As always feel free to let me know.

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