Is X-23 #8 Available Anywhere?

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Hey guys, I just have a quick question. Do any of you know of a site where I could find a copy of X-23 #8? I'm getting my girlfriend issues 7-15 as a gift because she loves X-23 but the place I'm ordering them from doesn't have issue 8 and I can't seem to find it at my local shops either. I was hoping someone out there knew of a site I could check or something because I really want to get all of these issues. Thanks in advance!

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Of course right after I post this I find a site.... Nevermind, guys.

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well is good if you ever need to find issues or need cheap shipping

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Cool, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!

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This is the wrong place to inquire, as the site doesn't sell comics- furthermore, since we have no idea where you are, we don't know what vendors you have access to. Try looking it up on or another online shopping venue.

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