In search of Spare Issue 1

#1 Posted by MuadDiab (383 posts) - - Show Bio

If anyone could help me out in obtaining a coy of issue one I'd really appreciate it. PM if you think you can help. 
It's for a friend and would mean the world to them

#2 Posted by IrishX (2798 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd PM you but it doesn't allow me to do that here at work. I assume you are talking about her current series. Over at ComicCollectorLive you can find a copy for as little as $1 (not including shipping of course).

#3 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio

You can filter eBay to search through the comic book listing & the 'cheapest first'.

#4 Posted by MuadDiab (383 posts) - - Show Bio

My hero. Cheers

#5 Posted by MuadDiab (383 posts) - - Show Bio
@xerox-kitty: Bought and all. Waiting eagerly. I'm in Ireland, so with shiping it works out a little less than buying it new :D 
@IrishX: Thanks anyway, but ebay rocks it turns out

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