X23 movie subjective choices -Innocence Lost and Kristen Stewart

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Like in the title, those are my subjective choices for X23 movie and I will tell you why.


Firstly – Innocence Lost movie plot


The series tells her story from the very beginning, when she was just an idea of “weapon” project and through her entire childhood. It shows how brutally her childish innocence is turned into living hell by the training to form her into an ultimate weapon. People watching it would get to know the character and would be touched by her tragedy (I was) because in today’s films real people with real problems attract good attention (these are tv series but I can mention “Lost” and “24” series having these elements and getting attention) and she (for me) is a very real person, with real emotions, which differ her from all other superheros and makes it a very interesting character (in my opinion, but I’m a fan of her not because of the action but because of that deep psychology in all her comic series).


The other thing is the series plot, narration and characters. In it there is room for everything. We have nice action (kinda in Kill Bill style if we compare the known bloody fight in mansion with X23 fights with soldiers – they are both bloody with blades in the main role), the story is narrated by her mother (If think it’s an advantage, it would give a dark and emotional feature for the movie) and we have a clear look on the protagonists and antagonists. The facility and especially Zander Rice are the clear antagonists, because they turned her life into nightmare only for financial profit. I think even people who don’t know X23 would identify with her in this situation. The last thing is the finale, really big event full of action, where good defeats evil and with suprising and moving end, when she kills her mother because of the killer scent on her and then hears her real name (I cried in that moment, so would other watchers).

Through the entire series also runs a very deep dilemma, which could be used as the movie's tagline – If she’s a killing machine or an poor innocent girl, who suffered so much pain.

And that is everything from me about the movie plot proposition, coming now to actress choice.


Kristen Stewart is ideal for this role because of 3 things:

1. Her look.

She can have that dark and enigmatic look kinda like X23, don’t you think? Besides she has a pale skin like X and dark long hair like hers

2. – Her age

She was born in 1990 so she is 21 right now and X23 is 16-17 years old. The difference is minimal, especially if we include hollywood's experts in characterisaton and stylisation

3. - Her acting

Besides Twilight saga, she played a role in movie Speak. This is a quote from her biography from wikipedia: “To date, Stewart's most critically acclaimed role may be in the Showtime television film Speak (2004), based on the novel by Laurie Halse Anderson. Stewart, 13 at the time of filming, played high school freshman Melinda Sordino, who stops almost all verbal contact after being raped. Stewart received great praise for playing the character, who had only a few speaking lines, but kept up a darkly humorous commentary inside her head throughout the film.”

Young age, alienation, dealing with traumatic experience, rarely uttering more than one sentence or two at a time, dark narration in her head (allusion to X23 ongoing series's and it's dark red speech balloons) being a dark, serious and, on top of that, critically acclaimed character. Does this reminds you of X23’s personality?

Share your comments with me and tell me if you like my choices, and in the meantime, check my song which is directly inspired by X23.

Here's the link:



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Keep that nasty, dirty looking chick away from anything having to do with comics! Kristen Stewart is an awful actor with no range, with the same dumb look on her face in every scene and ever movie she's been in. I've seen in a bunch ton of movies she's been in(Adventureland, The Runaways, and as much of the first Twillight movie I could watch before I considered suicide) and I've hated her in every single one.Making Kristen Stewart X-23 is like making Wolverine Nicolas Cage. Terrible actors who are the same in every movie. Find someone with actual depth as an actress, not someone just coasting off the popularity of angsty teen crapfests. I like the story idea, but keep Kristen as far away as possible.

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@ambival1: I like the plot! but as for Kirsten Stewart as this Most beloved Character of mine... well... how should i say this?
  actually that pretty much sums it up!
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@fbdarkangel said:
" @ambival1: I like the plot! but as for Kirsten Stewart as this Most beloved Character of mine... well... how should i say this?
  actually that pretty much sums it up! "
no wait one more way.....
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I hope this never happens! Summer Glau for X-23! Kristen Steward - let her be stuck with Twilight till the rest of her days!

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Summer Glau is actually a pretty great idea for Laura.
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How about no?

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Sif for X-23! 

Actually I like Kristen more than most, now I want to draw her as Laura... I have as Jean lol Oh but most of all

@ambival1:  I love the amount of detail you put in your post/thread! Very, very nice! Story and actress justification. The effort is appreciated! 
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No. No Kristen Stewart.

Keep Skinny Legs McGee's (Parks and Recreation reference) emaciated face/frame away from a cool character like X-23.

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     Danielle Andrea Harris   

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Kristen Steward seems to have the same blasé, angst-ridden teenager routine down. I always thought X-23 was more than that, though. That's not to say I wouldn't ask her "what if I'm the bad guy?" and hang out in trees.

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do not compare X23 to that road whore please.

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I 100% agree with the plot idea. Innocence lost would make a fantastic movie.


I saw the word "Twilight" and immediatly wanted to wash my brain out with bleach. There are much better actresses out there for the role. I'm on the Summer Glau bandwagon, but in reality they would probably go with an unknown for the role (if they did indeed create an X-23 movie).

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I think we all agree that kristen stewart will ruin this Wonderful character we all have come to know and love!

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I agree, after seeing some Pictures, that Summer Glau would be an excellent X23 (especially those pictures).

She is similar to her and she can have that absent look in her eyes, just like X in Innocence Lost, but If (hypothetically) Stewart would be an unknown actress to you and twilight was never filmed, what would you say? I’m not a big fan of her and I don’t really care about twilight, but when I see her eyes in those pictures above, I see that darkness, mystery, slight absence and seriousness like X, and her eyes is the main reason I chose her. She might be a bad actress, but scold me if I say that she looks like her. Ultimately, I don't care who will be X as long as the actress will play her emotions without that Hollywood exaggeration in behaviour and, so I would feel shivers just by seeing her eyes. For me she is a very realistic character and I want her to be like that in the movie

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I think Summer may be too old if they're doing on origin story V_V She's at least thirty now. 

@ambival1: I agree that Kirsten looks the part, but I don't think that she has the range or depth to accurately portray Laura. 
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I saw her in "Speak" (mentioned above) and I'm not complaining, so do critics, but if she awakes such hostility and disapproval, It would be better if she won't try that role

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Now I noticed something. That's the link to one scene from "Speak".
See the part from 5:12 to 6:41
She confronts him, the reason of her pain. She is scared and weak, but when she throws acid in his eyes and then catches his throat with broken glass in her hand, she now feel strong and angry, freed from her chains. Now imagine that guy being Zander Rice.  He calls her "stupid beast" to make her feel weak, to mention that's she's not worth a normal life, but only a life of a killer. They fight and Zander, heavily wounded, loses. She sees him and walks away from, like if she wanted to tell him that he's pathetic and it's he who deserves nothing but death. That part with kirsten in 6:37 looks like if she wanted to tell that guy the same thing. Like if she wanted to tell him "animal". Good defeats evil.

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@The Dark Huntress:  She was pretty good in The Cake Eaters too. Its just too bad that she has sort of been typecast for certain roles now. 
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@ambival1 said:
" I saw her in "Speak" (mentioned above) and I'm not complaining, so do critics, but if she awakes such hostility and disapproval, It would be better if she won't try that role "
That was her best work, IMO. But if you notice, she does tend to play the same type of character. 

@SC said:
" @The Dark Huntress:  She was pretty good in The Cake Eaters too. Its just too bad that she has sort of been typecast for certain roles now.  "
Never seen it :( And I agree about her being typecast.
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NO!!!! Kristen is a TERRIBLE actress, sorry no. She doesn't have the range to play laura and never will. Summer is great but shes too old for the part now, maybe 6 years ago but now its too late for an origin.

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The girl from twilight as x23?

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Sorry, as nice as it was to see an ideal plot, this thread has quickly turned into another  Who Would You Cast thread.

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