X23 (Laura Kinney) inspired song - Killer's Eyes

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 Here's the link to the song:


The song was composed during my readings of her comics a couple of months after I discovered her. She quickly became one of my greatest artistic inspiration and I had to make tribute to her.

All the instruments are from my keyboard and the vocals were performed by me and my sister (by the way, her name is Laura too).

The "eye" video is from the Slayer's "Eyes of the Insane" and the foot claw video is from the
X-Men Evolution episode "X23".

The pictures, which I used for the video, are from the following series:
- X-23 (Ongoing)
- Innocence Lost
- Target X
- X-Force vol. 3
- New X-Men

The intro is a quote from "The Adventures of Pinocchio"

I wanted to apologize for a mistake in lyrics. I sang "your bones unbreakable". I mistaken her abilities for wolverines, she only have unbreakable claws.

Feel free to comment.

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Okay, I can tell, your song is perfect!

Awesome video!

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 Thanks. That means a lot to me.

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