X23 and wolverine father/daugher brother/sister??

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On the X23 (aka Laura Kinny) and wolverine (aka Logan/ James howlet /weapon x) father/daughter brother/sister subject technically and scientifically speaking they are twins. X23 is a genetic clone of wolverine making them twins. But if u wish to speak more relationship wise, he is more like a father to her. Some people will debate the fact that X23 was born from Doctor Sarah Kinny. (X23 innocence lost) she was born from doctor Kinny but she was not conceived. Weapon X did not impregnate Sarah Kinny. X23 was artificially inseminated. She was not conceived. Making her Logan’s sister, NOT his daughter. If she were conceived between Logan and Doctor Kinny (like Rina was with Logan and Elektra in Wild Thing) than X23 would be Logan’s daughter. But since she was created from Logan’s DNA and artificially inseminated into doctor Kinny, she is his sister not his daughter, even though she and Logan share a father daughter relationship, they are genetically clones.

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