X-23's role in upcoming "X-Force: Sex & Violence"

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That's a strange look of contempt if those are Laura's eyes looking into that cell. I think she'll have had enough of trying to establish a relationship with her "Dad" and will find it necessary to leave. I think Laura's leaving X-Men/ X-Force will be a combination of Wolverine wanting her out, Storm's opinion, Domino's taking all of her "Dad's" attention, (as Jubilee did), and the X-Men thinking she's just too violent and unreliable due to the Trigger Scent. 
There's so many factors pushing her out now, only Hope will want her to stay. I'd like to see Hope always regard her as a special friend, inviting her in, or visiting her for advice in upcoming arcs on both sides. I think in 'X-Force/Cable: Messiah Wars' Laura and Hope formed a deep bond when they were walking through the grass fields. Laura and Hope shared thoughts on what it's like to be hunted for life. I thought that was sooooo goood! It was a rare reacing out of the always socially closed-down Laura. 
I Hope the new X-23 is dark as hell, deep as hell, and edgy and grim as a comic can possibly get. I hope it reflects how fierce she is, and how much of a mess she is on the inside. Laura full of torment, bitterness of feeling controlled and isolated, and  struggling with her past, but sharp as a razor on the outside, and defending her friends without a second thought.. I  know Marjorie wont let us down! 
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I don't know what scan you're referring to.  If Laura appears in Sex & Violence then it'll only be a cameo; the mini series revolves around Domino & Wolverine, not X-Force as a team. 
For all other theories about her leaving the X-men or her new on-going series, please use the other threads: X-23 Solo & Who Will We See On Her Travels?
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In some of the Promo Art we see Laura looking in on Logan and Domino and that's probably going to be it. But this is Kyle and Yost so they might have some mini plot planned for her

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I agree with gawdzilla.

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