X-23's role in Avengers Academy.

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Just finished Avengers Academy Second Semester. (collects #21-#27)

Seems like she was in less than 10 panels of the whole book. :|

Curious if someone could tell me if she has a bigger role in the later issues of AA.

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No not really, outside of the mutant children lockdown, no marvel wanted to use her to sell that book I guess atleast she didn't it go into limbo.

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Well that's a shame

Enjoyed the other characters alot though so I might get the rest.

Ordered a near complete set of X-force (2008 series) off ebay today.....does she at least have a bigger role in that?

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@c2thaj: Definitely, at some parts she is even the main character of the series (the Not Forgotten part). That is because the 2008 series is written by her creators - Craig Kyle and Chris Yost. Her portrayal in this series is outstanding, surely one of the greatest. In it we have everything that makes X-23 an interesting character. On one half she is a perfect, cold blooded (and suprisingly well educated with guns, which is quite rare in marvel series) assassin. There are numerous situations with her using pistols and even sniper rifles, rather than simply cutting her way through like Wolverine. The way she speaks and treats people is also worth noting. There are even parts where she goes in a badass berserk mode, similiar to Innocence Lost/Target X series. But on the other half she is a tragic heroine (her dilemma of being a clone born to kill is well developed here), who tries to hide her emotions at all cost for mission success. The plot here is more dark, gory and spy-based (with the presence of United Nations) and Mike Choi's dark and bloody art goes hand to hand with the story.

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Thanks for the mini-review.:)

I cannot wait for that package to get here now.

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@c2thaj if you like X-23, you'll LOVE that volume of X-Force. To this day, it's one of my favorite comic runs.

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