X-23 will get her own Mini in March!

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@The Cracked Genome said:

You're only saying that because you want more X-23/Hellion action (I've read your fanfictions after all). 

I'm sorry, did I mention Hellion in that post? Nope ;-) 
My opinions on the comic/observations have nothing to do with my fan fiction.
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If this was meant to be a one-off, then why did it feel like issue one of a mini series?  It introduced elements that were immediately forgotten about.  The overall plot will be instantly forgotten in continuity. 
Jubilee.  Why is she back in New York?  Did Logan discover anything about the missing ex-mutants?  Why did Jubilee call for his help after all this time? 
NYX.  Why tell us that they're homeless and then abandon them again?  Why not have some sort of reference to Laura seeing Kiden in the future/Messiah War?  All we had was constant reminders of Laura's connection to NYX, and then promptly run away from them all over again.  Do we need to be constantly reminded that she was a prostitute??? 
Gamesmaster.  Seriously, that's the big villain?  A telepath who hasn't been seen for what... a decade??  All for what?  So we (as readers) can be told again and again that Laura is used to being treated as a weapon?  No sh!t Sherlock... 
The art during the Gamesmaster segments was interesting, btu the rest was bland.  In fact, I'd say that the majority of the art was down right ugly.  If they wanted a 1990's Jae Lee style, then they should have hired Jae Lee.   
The speech bubbles kept changing colour, so it was confusing which character was speaking.  Sometimes Gamesmaster had black speech bubbles, other times Laura did.  Why swap them back & forth?   
The plot went nowhere, and seemed to hinge more on Laura's connections to the underworld of New York.  Why bother bringing up those memories if they weren't going to do something with them?? 
I can't decide if this is meant to be a refresher to boost sales of NYX trades, or if it's actually leading in to a new direction for Laura.  Either way, it was wholely disappointing.
#53 Posted by LauraX23 (1764 posts) - - Show Bio
What's a one-off ?
#54 Edited by CATMANEXE (17052 posts) - - Show Bio
@xerox-kitty said:

"  I can't decide if this is meant to be a refresher to boost sales of NYX trades, or if it's actually leading in to a new direction for Laura.  . "

neither. it was to promote new talent in the industry. X-23 just happened to be the choice character.
it wasnt sequential to the direction that Yost will take the character, nor that of NYX. just meant to be 
a side story for the newcomers to try there hand at. more a portfolio if you will. agreed that they need some work as well, but this was there garage tape. i think all of these people are going to mold into something cool personally once they get the hang of it.
#55 Posted by xerox_kitty (15762 posts) - - Show Bio
@LauraX23: A one-shot.  A stand alone issue.  Instead of a mini series, or an on-going title. 
@CATMANEXE: But that's what I can't stand... the endless one-shots and mini series that have absolutely no relevence to all the on-going titles.  Where the action & events are immediately forgettable, and never referenced again.  Yet we're meant to pay full price for this half-arsed story telling. 
#56 Posted by CATMANEXE (17052 posts) - - Show Bio
point. and they could have advertised their intent a little better, rather than having someone
come up to it thinking they were getting the normal X-23 book. i got thrown off by both Girl
Comics and  Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way, which were in fact showcases for new
talent as well, and nothing else they were promoted as. i still back it though, because the Woman Of Marvel concept is bringing female talent to light. it sounds weird maybe, but when you think about it the showcased big name talent in comics for years now has been predominantly male. a woman only gets showcased in the industry when she either does something real big and its undeniable that her work was the driving factor (like Christina Z on Witchblade for example) or when she is assisting a guy heading the project and he throws her a bone in the interview (Mike Alreds wife is his colorists for example). when the reality women have made just as many important contributions to comics as men, and done just as much work. yet they seem to do that work from the attic as far as the public is concerned. so this si a big long overdue step as far as i care to think about it, so im backing it (and in this particular case the writer went to my hometown college as well, root for the home team). but again, yes, your justified because they should have been much more clear about that fact, especially to fans of the characters.
#57 Posted by fbdarkangel (4884 posts) - - Show Bio
@Alaric said:
" Anyone else remember Kimura's little wicked witch homage? I'll get you my pretty! And your little telekinetic boyfriend too! Lmao "
#58 Posted by MSBoyd23 (112 posts) - - Show Bio

It was...different than what I expected. Not really a bad different, since I think this was a story that needed to be told in order for Laura to advance as a character/human instead of being Wolverine's "creepy" clone for the rest of her life. I was really expecting a lot more blood--as in other people's blood. Not Laura's. But I kind of liked that it wasn't what I expected.
Okay, now two things I don't get: Why Laura didn't say anything to Kiden about possibly being abducted by Stryfe. Future-Deadpool told X-Force that Kiden was captured back in 2010, so why wouldn't Laura throw a little warning NYX's way? And number two: Why didn't she extend the invitation to a bunch of homeless mutants to check out Utopia? I know Kiden said she didn't want to leave New York, but still. Your friends are stealing food to survive. Why wouldn't you at least make the offer?

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I was actually quite sad to find out this was only a one shot.  I love X-23, she atleast deserves to have her own mini series.
#60 Posted by lilsilverphoenix (55 posts) - - Show Bio

Here's a review of the one-shot

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