X-23 really 5'6?

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Me and the Girlfriend were debating whether is Laura really 5'6, b/c in no comic i read where she actually stands over Wolverine. if anybody got scans let me know.

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I think that might be an error on Marvels side ive not seen a single page where she was taller then Logan

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More unexplainable and unnecessary inconsistency from Marvel concerning their character stats.

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They measured her when she was wearing high heels

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If Wolverine is still considered 5'3'', then Laura couldn't be any taller then 5'1'' at the most. She has always been at least a few inches shorter then Wolverine. Most just be an error on Marvels part.

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@PowerHerc said:

More unexplainable and unnecessary inconsistency from Marvel concerning their character stats.

Just take a look over the years and Wolverine sprouted quite a few inches here and there.

But here you can see she is shorter than Wolverine and this was taken from her latest series so I would go by this:

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That's the artists not checking the stats. Wolverines height fluctuates per artist.

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lol Wolverine's daughter is taller than him.(supposedly)

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In X men the end she is shown as being taller then wolverine.

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Considering Cyclops is supposed to be 6'3 (some places cite him as 6'1), is barely taller than Emma (5'10), portrayed an inch or two shorter than Cap (6'2) and is only half a head taller than Logan now (who is supposed to be 5'3 but is now portrayed at 5'7-5'9) considering Logan is taller than Hope who is also supposed to be around Laura's height; yeah, I can see her being 5'6 since Marvel doesn't focus on the actual MU listed heights all the time.

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Am i the only person that thinks its weird that marvel cant have a female shorter then wolverine let alone 5,5? Im still hoping that this is just an early error with marvel character info.

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Link to a pick of laura and logan japanese daughter drawn taller then him.


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