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Comments? Thoughts?
My thoughts: Without posting spoilers (since it's a new release), I was a little disappointed. Not that much happened. There were only three notable points, 1) We see things from her POV, 2) She sees her NYX buds (which was discussed in the interview with the author pre-release), and 3) We learn that someone has a strong interest in her--but it's not who you'd think (I was disappointed on this front, no duh). I guess it's alot to cram into a one-shot, but it still seemed somehow slow on action when I read it, and even though the aforementioned was accomplished, I felt like it really didn't teach me anything new about my favorite character. I wish she would get a good solid mini series again (yeah I know she had quite a bit for a newer character already--but I can dream!) 
Artwise, it ranged from pretty good to waste of paper (there were three pages in which it looked like the artist gave a crayon to their toddler and told them to have fun). It was, I guess, part of the scene--but I still would have liked to see it done with a bit more finesse. I'm aware that that is just my opinion; nevertheless, would have loved to have the art good all the way through.
What y'all think? :-)

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i didnt kno she was kinda emo... or whatever its called... a Cutter... that one thing... its interesting... but disturbing

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I liked it. I think I got where it was coming from.
Noting it wasnt just X-23's book, but also Majorie
Liu's (whom i have to give props to out of hometown 
pride) as part of the Women Of Marvel celebration 
showcasing not only Marvels female characters, 
but both the prolific and up and coming female 
talent in the industry (this was much akin to Girl
Comics for anyone whose read it and wondering, 
stylewise). Bonus as well that as part of that celebration
X-23 was one of the first to get her own book, while staring 
in several other books that are currently ongoing as it is,
pretty good popularity id say, and affirmation k2 that she will
continue to thrive. This wasnt the usual X-23 book whereas there
is alot of action, but im sure we wont see any lack of that with her
in X-Force anyways, not with Yost around, and for that matter with 
Yost and Craig, her creative father becoming bigger in the X-Verse, 
that we will see any shortage of her either. Back to this issue the 
introspective into her mind was a nice change of pace, and well done
however this may come off being as it was done by a female, who could only
have a better relation to Laura than a male writer could logically, and it shows.
It helped to clarify where she is at in this moment in time, character wise, and
directly from her perspective so its solid as well. I also liked the art, especially the 
bits refereed to as " crayonish " as they we're meant to highlight somewhat of a different 
view from a different plane, one comprised mainly of sense and emotion, and the picture
it builds, versus the dull brown world that is given by our eyesight. I'm a big fan of that 
ecclectic approach, and maybe its just me. I dont think i would want to see this on a permenant
basis, but another mini would be good, more action based like Target X though. I could see Liu
writing again, we'll see though as it seems she has her hands pretty full, especially with Black Widow.
id suggest the read, especially for anyone looking for something that isnt par the course.

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