X-23 in the Ultimate Universe? It may just be happening.

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Okay for those of you tuning in, I saw that they put X-23 into issue 23 of Ultimate Comics X-Men. Now why is this a big deal, because up until now we had heard no mention of there even being an Ultimate version of X-23 and assumed she was going to be confined to the main universe.

Now the big question is, "Is this really happening?" Well at this point all I can say is, I don't know.

Honestly, I kind of liked that Jimmy Hudson was the only one of Wolverine's kids occupying the Ultimate universe. Why, cause Jimmy having the Ultimate U to himself was a way for him to build his own rep and maybe prove that he could be as good as X-23. Now them both being there, my fear is that Brian Wood's overlords will tell him to give Laura the spotlight more than Jimmy. Course more than likely I'm over-thinking the whole situation and this may not end up being the case as I can't say for certain how much Brian Wood likes X-23.

Now as I try to look at the glass half full, what are the positives of this happening? Well for one it's a big opportunity to explore Laura with a different backstory. You have to remember that X-23 is largely a product of her environment. All the emotional numbness that's become associated with her character, that came from the abuse and trauma she experienced growing up it wasn't hardwired into her personality from birth. Putting her in the Ultimate universe, Brian Wood would have the freedom to explore her with a whole new backstory and thus dramatically different personality. In this universe maybe she got to have a normal childhood, imagine what she would be like with that setup. Maybe she's more upbeat, positive, has a bit of a tomboy streak. And hey we may even get see Jimmy learn more about Logan through Laura, like the two going on a journey trying to learn the secrets of Logan's past. I always thought that if X was put into the Ultimate universe at this point, the only way would have been if she was Jimmy's half sister, so we can see some sibling bonding. There so many opportunities here.

The only real problem I see at the moment is that X-23 was neither mentioned by name in the issue, nor was given a label to identify her as such. So I'm not 100% convinced that it was her, however I don't believe that Comicvine would make a mistake as basic as this, so I'm not convinced that it's not her either. Now what also convinces me that this might be X-23 was that issue 22 had mentioned more mutants coming to Utopia. So it's possible that may see her again.

Then again there's possibility that she was put in here simply because this was issue 23 of an X-Men title. (God I hope that's not the case)

Now like I said I have no idea if this is really gonna be a thing. If it is, I'll stick with it and see where it goes. So far Brian Wood hasn't let me down as a writer, he knows how to make an old idea fresh, just look at DV8 Gods & Monsters. And if it doesn't, eh oh well. But I guess I do hope it is.

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Not a fan of the ultimate universe but I'm on a mission to own every appearance of x-23.

So thanks for the heads up! :)

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@c2thaj: My pleasure

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How did I miss this?

I have dropped reading the Ultimate Universe mostly because I just couldn't keep up with so many comics. However --- looks like I need to get cracking on it again.

Thanks for the heads up and also, for reminding me that the Ultimate Universe should be revisited. :)

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@lykopis: Yeah the Ultimate Universe is a completely different animal since Mark Millar and Brian Micheal Bendis left. In fact I would say nowadays it's what the Ultimate Universe should have been right out of the gate.

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@bsmith1190: Bendis isn't on Ultimate Spidey anymore ?

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@bsmith1190: @nykgordon:

Bendis still writes Ultimate Spidey.

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@thenexusrebound: Well that just proves that I can still make mistakes

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Agree we are not even sure it's her ,she is not the only one with black hair and wonderful green eyes ,or maybe it's her but will she have her place in Ultimate Universe? i mean look at Ultimate Ghost Rider ,after he appear in his first story line at Utimate Avengers comics 2 he seem to vanished for a while.

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I have indeed (can't directly reply because even WITH a redesign they don't seem to care about the many users who rely on mobile browsers).

Circumstantial at best, and I can't even call it wishful thinking because as OP points out an Ultimate version would likely have a different backstory, making her a different character. This could still be a consolation if "real" Laura gets offed by Hopeless... But to quote an ill-fated lover, "what's in a name?" Calling a tulip a rose doesn't make it a rose, and calling a new character X-23 won't preserve Laura :/

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