X-23 family?

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Will she ever see her cuz AGAIN ! it was to sad ( x-23 target xcomic )  T.T I'm hoping since kimura said she'd kill  them (x-forcecomic ) that she might go check on them or something in the new ongoing x23 comic thats coming out. Is my hope in vane? tell me your thoughts :3 btw I have no idea if this is already up on the forums I looked somewhat half hearted >.<;
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Did you say that Kimura wants to take on X-Force?

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@Edamame: I believe he's referring to the Not Forgotten X-Force story arc where Kimura threatens to go after Laura's family when Laura blows up a building with her in it.
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umm no?  Just that when shes being bruned and stuff she says something like she going to hunt them(x23 family) down and kill them and then x 23 crys *made me sad* then logan shows up and she stops cry and doesn't tell him whats going on. Anyway i'm just wondering if Kimura will go and try to find x23 family *her mothers sister/niece*  
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@The Dark Huntress:
I be a she .... why does this always happen I'm NOT a guy ;.;
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