X-23 and the Second Coming

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What do you think X-23's involvement will be in the Second Coming arc?

#2 Posted by bioghost (1275 posts) - - Show Bio

i taken a wild guess here but i think hope's role model

if i am right about this  then god help us.

#3 Posted by defaultdefaultdefault (16426 posts) - - Show Bio

i dont think it will be large nor significant, then again thats probably why she has a 
solo book coming out.

#4 Posted by k2 (498 posts) - - Show Bio

A solo book? You mean the one-shot X-23?

#5 Posted by defaultdefaultdefault (16426 posts) - - Show Bio
yeah. i actually got it but havent gotten to reading it. maybe later tonight.
#6 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio

Separate Second Coming threads for X-23 and Hellion... both in the sapce of a few minutes??  Please don't do this for each of your favourite characters.   
#7 Posted by IronManNoir (67 posts) - - Show Bio

does X-23 #1 tie into Second Coming

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