X-23 #21

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So X-23 gets an issue 21, I just assumed issue 20 was the last. Kind of wish it ended at 23 but hey this is one more issue than I was expecting before the title ends. Curious how the series will be concluded

• X-23’S Globehopping Journey Comes To A Close
• After All This Time Spent Choosing Who She Will Be, Will She Permanently Choose A Team As Well?
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First Wolverine and wolves, now X-23 and wolves?

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When is this going to come out.

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This is unexpected...everyone I've spoken to has said Issue 20 is the last. Huh. Yay! ^^

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That cover looks sweet. To bad it's the last.

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I reckon it's fanart. Unless you found it on the Marvel website, that would be awesome.

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Yeah, not sure if this is real. Pretty sure Marvel said themselves that issue #20 would be the last.

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It's happened before that a title has survived cancellation because of fan support.
First volume of Spider-Girl survived three or four cancellations.

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Has it survived or is it simply ending at #21 instead of #20 like what was announced? From the sounds of it the series is going to end at #21 and X-23's going to just appear in other comics like Avengers Academy, which will probably lead to her falling into the background... -__-

Honestly this series shouldn't be getting cancelled, it was a great series with awesome writing and beautiful art as well it was nice to see a female title at Marvel with a character who could hold her own with both interesting and fun story along with a great origin and history. Shame to see this series go... v__v

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O_O ---> Q_Q ---- T ^ T

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My X-23 #20 says the next issue is out on March 14th. Is it really coming that late? I was hoping by February at least, or is this a sign of a series revival? I really loved this series and I like the character alot. Would be a shame for it to die out.

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@Tyrannotaur said:

My X-23 #20 says the next issue is out on March 14th. Is it really coming that late? I was hoping by February at least, or is this a sign of a series revival? I really loved this series and I like the character alot. Would be a shame for it to die out.

I was almost thinking this but I believe its because Liu was given an extra issue to try to tie up loose ends as best she can since the series had a decent run for a b list character

I'd be happy if Laura gets her own mini maybe one 6 part mini a year instead of an ongoing, or just do what makes sense put her gambit and jubilee on a team together or put X in x-men legacy. She would fit in with frenzy and rogue, plus gambit is there

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I'm hoping that new writers won't forget the awesome Jubilee & X-23 friendship or the equally awesome Gambit & X-23 friendship which Marjorie Liu carefully developed during the series. These two relationships were really the best thing about the series, as far as I'm concerned. I love the dynamics between Jubilee and Laura; Jubilee is cheerful and bubbly where Laura is calm and reserved, which is why their interaction is always fun to read about. They should get at least a mini-series after this. And I can't overstate how much I love Papa Bear Gambit, who is an absolutely darling big brother/mentor to Laura. This whole series has just been so refreshing to him as a character, which is why I'm so excited that Liu will continue writing him in the upcoming Astonishing X-Men revamp. Both of these friendships are just so much fun to see, and they're making all the characters look their best.

I really wish that these friendships won't get lost while these characters are moved from title to title and from one writer to another. New writers often tend to forget or overlook the important non-romantic relationships between characters. I'm hoping that Jubilee and Laura get to continue their cool friendship someday, and that Laura and Remy will get to travel/fight/hang together in some other series, too.

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Woot, yeah just saw the cover in the back of issue #20. Sucks we have to wait two months, but at least there is another issue coming.

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the reason why they got rid of x-23 is because they want her invovled in the regensis but that still a dumb reason to end it hope she joines wolverines side

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Or maybe she can duke it out with miss sinister again. Meet that Alice girl... oh, hey! What happened to that woman with the cloak? Oooooh and the other people on her list~ :D

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