would romulus have let a genetic sample of wolverine escape?

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recently in wolverine: origins we saw romulus there standing behind the professor with wolverine in the tank...but after wolverine busted out would romulus have let genetic samples of wolverine escape, which later became x-23? 
it seems possible he didn't know about it - but then again romulus seems to know everything. except that he never once hints at even being aware of laura's existence...

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I think samples of his DNA are every where. The guy has been involved in every different conspiracy ever; the only reason they don't use it is because the idea of multiple Dakens or X-23s running around scares the crap our of everyone. I'm sure Romulus did know, but he just couldn't of what to do with her, I guess.
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Since Romulus was created after X-23, it seems to be a case of writers desperately trying to create a new villain without thinking through the realistic ramifications... yet again.

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Yeah I agree with Kitty on this one, they screwed up, big time.

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yeah thats the biggest hole in the whole daken/ wolverine origions romulus drama. The fact that x-23 is not part of it... at all. I just think its odd. You'd think daken would at least want to mess with his sister or something or romulus would be a little interested in her but nothen....

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Yes I too agree with u guys.   The origins started out so good and ended kinda with a  WT F?  THAT'S IT?!

#7 Posted by thatlad (587 posts) - - Show Bio

Romulus may consider x-23 an inferior copy and not worthy of succeeding him. 
As for genetic material and other clones, it's been made clear the reason Laura is female is because of the difficulty of cloning wolverine. Not many people are able to do it.

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