Wolverine Pinball

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Did anyone of you bought Wolverine Pinball (include in Marvel Pinball) just for Laura?

When i was wonder about how should i spend my rest 800 MSP (I bought Ghost Rider Pinball first) ,than i see the trailer of Wolverine Pinball ,i saw X-23 is on the table ,than i didn't think much just bought it ,although X-23 only cameo but i don't care as long as i can see her.

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Unless it were a real Pinball table I think I'd pass. I don't own a 360 so I couldn't buy it anyway, but I don't think I would even if I could.

If it actually had some cool stuff to do with her, I think I'd care a lot more. But she doesn't talk, she doesn't move. She's just a stationary, two-dimensional image on the backdrop of a pinball table. An image that's half-blocked-out by objects on the pinball table, I might add lol.

Still, I will admit it's a cool cameo. The more recognition the better I suppose.

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ya ,i was wish i can heard her voice or some little action in Pinball ,such as Sara in Ghost Rider Pinball as cameo also as voice-over.

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