Why can't she go solo

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Like bat man take to the streets fight crime

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That is the question I' ve been repeatedly pointing out. She is just like Wolverine - she is a lone wolf (or she-wolf perhaps). But I think the reason why she is rarely alone is because she needs someone to interact with. Sometimes it's hard to make an intriguing story, when something happens only occasionally. Story needs dialogues and interactions with other characters, especially when we are talking about a girl that rarely says anything. But if we have a good inner narration (like in Ongoing series - red boxes) that appears frequently, story can proceed even with a solo character - as a psychological story (which is my favorite genre together with solid action)

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She DID have a fantastic solo series going on but as we all know it got canceled -_-

She could probably go solo in the future when she matures,becomes wiser,better leader and all that stuff. She needs support as of right now but I see a bright future for her ^_^ ( hopefully )

#4 Posted by ka385385 (1403 posts) - - Show Bio

She can go solo on street or join some street loners team.

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This simply won`t happen because people want a character that is interesting and with a personality that isn`t so cliche. I`d much rather have Hepzibah in her own series with Boom-Boom. Plus she wasn`t selling the way wolverine related titles do. That is why she and Daken got canned.

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