Who Really Loves Laura.........

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#101 Posted by Illyana Rasputin (2771 posts) - - Show Bio
@LauraX23 said:
Like I feel like Logan doesn't really care for her..... 
I feel like noone cares for her.....Am I wrong?
There are MANY people who care about Laura. Wolverine, Mercury, Hellion, Pixie, Surge, Anole, Prodigy, Rockslide, Loa, The Stepford Cuckoos, her aunt, and cousin, Megan. They are just scared of her, sometimes. And she is difficult to interact with. That may or may not change, one day.
#102 Posted by Son_of_Magnus (15258 posts) - - Show Bio

No one

#103 Posted by LauraX23 (1764 posts) - - Show Bio
@Illyana Rasputin 
They love her !?!?! 
Rockslide hates her.....
#104 Posted by CATMANEXE (17052 posts) - - Show Bio

Agent Morales of course. she just gave up everything and put her life on the line (figuratively and literally)
for Laura. and after seeing literally everything X-23 is, good and bad up close and personal. 
considering Morales has no powers to speak of thats saying alot.

#105 Posted by fbdarkangel (4884 posts) - - Show Bio

*raises hand* I do! I do! oh and some guy named Julian Keller! ;P

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