Who is the right guy for X-23?

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@Mercy_:Sorry I can't help it I have Tourrette syndrome

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@TheAcidSkull said:


This would be perfect on so many levels. Especially since it can be argued he was the one who truly saved her life (although I still attribute it to Hellion).

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@LeonMars7: Er, where is this from?

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@krspaceT: NYX - her first appearance. In it she was a prostitute, quite sadomasochistic, since the picture above represents one of her "services". And no, it's not Hellion.

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It would have to be someone way more damaged. Like daken. That would be so twisted. Or maybe a chick.

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1. Warpath - Strong Protecting

2. NightCrawler - Kind and Caring

3. Sunspot- might work

4. Cyclops - as friends with benifits

5. Toad - if she wants to get kinky

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When Marvel finally lets him age I think they could make a great couple.
If both go gay, then she and Phoebe might be an interesting couple. 
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Chamber can be pretty dark. Hellion can also. Gambit would be interesting as well.

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I feel she shouldn't be with anyone anytime soon, still has alot of baggage for anyone her age or close to her age

She still needs a few more years of Character Development before shes with anyone.

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Nightwing! Oh wait. That's the wrong universe. Never mind.

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Anyone who isn't very connected to Wolverine. If not that would be..... awkward. To be honest i'd kind of like to see how she would deal with having a normal boyfriend (no powers or anything). It would be funny to see how Laura would deal with that.

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I've seen this pop up a few times in my feed and I kind of ignored it because, well, I don't much care, but having now skimmed a few pages it's pretty clear this thread will be hilarious reading over the next couple days when I'm bored.

I think, just given the danger of Kimura or someone else turning her against loved ones, that whoever Laura ends up with should be really, really hard to kill, whether that means healing factor or...well, I don't know, but it would be absolutely unfair for her to finally become human enough to love someone like that and then end up killing them. I like the Elixir idea, though I don't know whether he self-heals as well as he heals others?

Definitely would need to be someone her age, maybe a few years older, but no more. Some of y'all are just sick.

Frankly, though, my serious answer (and who wants that) is that she has a ways to go before any romance will truly make sense for her.

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I doubt normal boy could handle all the craziness that surrounds Laura.
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@Kairan1979: True but it would be a good learning curb for Laura and has interesting story potential. Especially if she meets him in an "out of work" environment and he is unaware of her claw-popping condition.

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Hellion, 100%. Problem is, Julian's character got so FUBARed ever since Utopia thathe'd need to go through some majorthings to even be noteworthy once more. Honestly, as whiney as they made him, I understand Laura dumping his butt. In all truth, however, I think the relationship with Hellion humanized Laura, and Laura gave him a bit of a more serious, less arrogant and more confident aspect (yes--definite difference between arrogance and confidence).

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@Kairan1979: While I can't think of who the perfect guy for her is I can say without a doubt who the most awkward/creepy hook-up EVER for her would be:

Can you imagine the awkwardness and creepiness that would set in if they both realized who the other really was after going out? or worse going further lol

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@Strider92: I know pretty much nothing about Kaine (only read the first issue of Yost's run), so I don't know why that'd be creepy.

I do know that people have suggested a Scarlet/X-23 team-up, and Yost was open to the suggestion. That is now the arc I want to see happen.

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@akbogert: The reason it seems kinda weird to me is because they are both clones (Kaine is Spider-man's clone) and Kaine basically has all of Peter's memories about Logan. Finding out that you're going out with a female clone of a guy who sort of hates you and who you remember vividly would be pretty creepy. Not to mention Laura met Peter and didn't get on that well with him. I could see that being awkward.

A team-up on the other hand would be awesome!

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@Strider92: Well, if I thought being a clone made Laura any less of a person and/or unfit for a relationship, she wouldn't be my favorite character :) And to that extent, as Laura shares nothing but some genetics (not even all, seeing as she was modified to be a female) with Wolverine, it's not like Kaine's (or Peter's) relationship with Logan should have any bearing at all on their relationship with her, anymore than my relationship with one twin should have any bearing on my relationship with their sibling. That doesn't mean Laura would get on well with Kaine, of course, but it shouldn't make things weird.

And yes, I want to see that team-up happen. So much.

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Depending on his age now (and if he lived), Lazarus could be interesting.   
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I was under the impression Lazarus got axed.

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Thats what they say, but I have hope.

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*head shake* He'd be like half her age, for one, and for two... bad fit, imo.

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I still say based on who they are, Laura & Josh are a great fit. But based on relationship history, it would be fulfilling to see Laura and Julian reconciled.

I don't have an interest in seeing other relationships, frankly.

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I almost hit you, Akbogert. Stop talking heathen nonsense about Foley and Laura.


Honestly, with the way the relationship played out (and I've been doing some serious thinking about this for a project I am working on), Julian would let her have it before ever getting 'back' with her at current.

Verbally, that is.

And he has every right to. Just look at X-23 issue 17 (I think it was). He was about to break down and pour himself out to her because he was so screwed up with everything going on that he could use her to talk to. She blows him off. He needed her to be there for him. Couple,or best friends, whatever... he needed her to listen. To be a friend, a companion. She ditched him and took off.

And, yeah, he did famous stalker bit (thank you, Liu), and cue adventure with the Richards' kids. Whatever. Still, she left him in the middle of the street after letting him kiss her (and I dare anyone to tell me that Laura, of all people, couldn't have stopped it if she wanted), and gave him that glimmer of hope, only to say: Goodbye, Julian.

Agggh. Just... steams me a bit. Laura needs a good tongue lashing after that one. Then, Julian, having resolved that and let it go, could get back on hisown two feet. Maybe explore a casual dating relationship with someone else, while Laura can do what Laura does in Avengers Arena (aka: be one step shy of marking her territory and growling at mail carriers), and get more on her own two feet.

Then, after some time, re-introduce the two as more emotionally stable and see where it goes.

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