What the Hell was playing in that theater?

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Come on who's not curious as to what they were watching, especially when you think about it Megan obviously would have picked the movie.

#2 Posted by Ellie_Knightfall (4819 posts) - - Show Bio

Probably some horror flick.

Never noticed the Firefly sweatshirt before, though. That's awesome.

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That reminds me of what popped up on my dash recently ^_^

#4 Posted by ambival1 (95 posts) - - Show Bio

@akbogert: I just can't stop laughing. Great pic. And for the subject, It's obviously a slasher movie.

#5 Posted by OldManJoe (90 posts) - - Show Bio

Most likely a horror movie of some kind, or maybe one of the Saw movies.

#6 Posted by DarkxSeraph (672 posts) - - Show Bio

Judging by the faces of everyone around them, and Megan... something gory.

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Something bloody.

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Brotherhood of the Wolves.

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