what if ghost rider team up with x-23?

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last time ghost rider team up with warpath in x-force old ghost ,johnny blaze meet warpath in 1994 Blaze ,i was hope can saw ghost rider team up with all x-force ,but no and ghost rider just suddenly appear and suddenly disappear(can't blame Craig Kyle ,he is not ghost rider's writer) ,anyway,marvel comic present ghost rider and wolverine have a long history so i think what about ghost rider team up with x-23.
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what did you guys think?
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Eeeeh I'd read it but seems kinda pointless
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@Mr. Dead Pool:
ya,i know that ,that's why i hope they can rewrite again.
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ghost rider got a long history with mutant ,for example Danny Ketch got long history with wolverine and team up with x-men against broods(inculde psylocke,cyclops,gambit) ,and Johnny Blaze use to be cahmpions ,angel and iceman was teammate(when johnny try to find a way to get  Zadkiel ,he said he try to get help ,he was try to call angel but he got his own problem,i guess it's because x-force) ,after cahmpions  disband angel and iceman still touch with johnny a few time,and warpath,cable and deadpool team-up with them before(well,deadpool are not mutant ,but he really close with them) 
i still want to see if ghost rider team-up with x-23 most.

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Ghost Rider already teamed up with X-23 in X-Men : To Serve And Protect #2.

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