Trigger Scent effects

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I know the Facility programed Laura to respond to the Trigger Scent as a means to ensure that she would be guarnteed to take out her target and anyone else who might be present, but does anyone know if it caused memory black-outs? I can't find any mention of it doing so on the site, but for some reason I thought it did. 
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Yeah, it does, Laura

 says it outright. She says, "...then everything goes black, and when I [wake up? come out of it?] everyone is dead." 
I think she says it to Megan in Target X. 
On the subject of Trigger Scent, I wonder if Emma Frost / The White Queen will ever de-program X-23. She said it would be done at the end of the story where Emma kicks Kimura's ass and erases all memories she had of her grandmother. That was a really good dialogue.
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Thank you!!! 

RE; New X-Men - I think she said she wanted to remove it but she wasn't sure she'd ever be able to.

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