That Old Same Thing! Again!

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I few weeks ago a friend told me X-23 had been identified as a lesbian, at last. I, naive enough, asked how did it happen, since I hadn't seen it nowhere, and then he showed me the Jubilee and Laura picture, where a vampiric ex-mutant is going for Laura's exposed throat. Funny story, I had just finished reading that same comic, and it never ocurred to me that the said picture was any indicative of her sexuality.
A similar situation happened when Cessily was referred as a 'gay cheerleader' in Pixie's dream world, in love with Laura's character inside the same dream dimension. On the same comic Cessily went on to clumsily land over Armor, and people stated it was obvious she was gay.
I know people tend to overthink things, and I usually don't approve of it, but hey! Here I am writting on this blog (this blog feature is awesome, by the way).
Laura and Cessily (two of my favorite characters) are quite interesting to see in this light, as they are both rather troubled and unique individuals, and that reflects everywhere in their personas, including in their sexuality. While Laura is a person without the moral restraints Cessily has, never having lived in society or anything resembling a normal childhood (with parents, friends, college, and such), Mercury was a popular cheerleader and chersished kid at home, to have it all snatched away from her with a quite traumatic mutation. All of a sudden her parents are ashamed of her, she can't be part of the cheerleader squad, she is the freak of the school, and all this pressure is put over shoulders that probably were never build to handle them. What tells us more about them, their characters, and their sexual choices: single panels or their upbringings?
Laura was raised in a very controlled enviroment, and it's quite safe to assume they didn't teach her to be heterossexual (it wouldn't be practical, to say at least, the less limitations she had, the better). As an instinctive person she has shown herself to be, at least in the beginning, I believe she would have no qualms in having relations with male or female, for as long as it arouses her. Honestly, I don't believe Laura to be gay, and if I had to pick a side, I would say she is strictly hetero. In her instincts I can see it being far easier to feel attracted to a male than a female, and things like 'mating' or 'having sex' making far more sense than making love or expressing her love through physical contact.
Cessily, on the other hand, was ripped from her natural enviroment abrupty and violently by her mutation, in an age she was busy discovering all the kinds of things about herself. If anything Mercury has a far less defined sexual orientation than Laura, because to X-23 it would be safe to assume she still feels aroused and desires physical contact (something most writters won't touch, and I understand), while Cessily is not even human. Maybe her desire to touch is solely based on a need to express her love, not to sate any biological urge. I can buy Cessily being gay or bi, and even being freaked out at being anything other than heterosexual (because she is driven by emotion and feeling, not urges or her body), but I believe it's something deeper than 'oh, teehee, the panel said it so!'. As Mercury ages she will start seeing things in a less biological prysm, and will start seeing people for who they are beneath the flesh, as things like gender might lose meaning completely to her. Or maybe she becomes super-facist about it, since she has to cling to every aspect of normalcry she can! That would be whack!
Panels won't really tell about these characters more than their stories and how they handle things do. Also... I don't know what people saw about that Jubilee-Laura panel. Crazy talks sprung over that! Wow!

I know I am late to speak about the subject, I just never really had an account before! Thanks for the time spent reading it!

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Well put 
People did play the lesbo card too soon with Laura and Jubilee. When I read that issue I thought it was sad how Laura would use Jubilee to mutilate herself. I guess it didn't seem sexual to me because I kinda see Laura as the ultimate cold fish. You do bring upgood topics where her sexuality can go. Eventuly Laura's sexuality will be covered and hopefully the writer will make it interesting.

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:I I dont think Laura's gay though... But we'll see as the series goes on. I mean Daken's bi already... Is everyone related to Wolverine so.. you know xD  
Cess maybe... 
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@Nuec_Sol: I don't know... Laura is a very, very popular character right now, and she speaks directly to a demographic that is in the a self-searching limbo aswell. I somehow doubt they will make her grow anytime soon, and when she does, I believe she will be suffering from that over-exposure thing I talked about.
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@rokusan23: Now this is a very interesting point. Daken is already bi, it would really be strange to people who don't know the character if Laura was bi aswell, though I think it makes sense.
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I think some people want Laura the poor abused killing machine to be gay, and saw the scene where Laura exposed her neck to Jubilee as evidence of that. Never mind the fact the Jubilee is now a vampire and freshly exposed blood could entice her to anyone's neck. Frankly I think some of the people  who used that scene as evidence of their own theory  are probably in the same group that think Twilight is a great work of literary fiction or the notion that drinking blood is sexy and cool. As for Laura, Cessily, and Jubilee I think its been established that they are attracted to men. Also with Daken being bi already I think it would be unnecessary for Laura to be bi or gay right now and not for the reason you might think. Laura is still young and is just coming to terms with being a person and not a monster. She can barely make friends let alone from a romantic relationship, gay or straight, there is still something between her and Julian but that is getting less and less attention as other writers have come and gone and he is dealing with his own mutilation.

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@lorex: Hahaha, I'm mostly with you, lorex!
Although I'm not going to delve into the vampire/Twilight territory, I think that the page with Jubilee and Laura was indeed a poor excuse used by people who wanted to see too much in what it obviously was: a vampire drinking blood from a suicidal teenager. Just that. I agree that Jubilee would have gone to anyone throat by that point.
Also, on Laura thinking herself as a monster instead of a person, I think it's spot on, and it's the same thing I think of Cessily. They both have difficult times finding out who and what they are, so romantic relationships and sexual orientation gets all the more complicated. I do wish, though, writers got back to writing Julian and X23. I miss that stuff, and I fear that it will be forgotten if left unattended for too long.
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(I'm a bit late to the discussion :P) 
I don't see how that makes any of them gay or bi, people tend to overreact. Cessily liked Wither (while he didn't correspond her) and Laura obviously is atracted by Julian. I think exposing the neck seems to be more about Laura being a bit masochist rather than her being attracted by Jubilee. Laura and Cessily are great friends but they aren't attracted by each other. Neither i see an attraction between Jubs and X.

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X-23 is straight? When did this happen?

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@sesquipedalophobe said:
X-23 is straight? When did this happen?
It happened when Kyle & Yost created her. X-23 has never been shown to exhibit anything but heterosexual behavior.
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I think they definitely played up the homoerotic vibes between Jubilee and X-23 in some of the panels of the said blood-sucking scene, but I don't think that the scene outed either character as a lesbian/bisexual (nor do I think that was the intention). Homoerotic doesn't mean the same thing as homosexual. Both characters have expressed romantic/sexual interest only in male characters, which strongly suggests heterosexuality for both (but doesn't exclude the possibility of bisexuality). Either way, I don't think that the recent interaction between Jubilee and Laura has established anything about either character's sexual orientation. The neck-biting image just looked hot.

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concepts such as sexuality do not apply to laura. if she were to find the right girl, she might fall in love. however, she is in love with julian keller, a guy, and there have been no hints to her being in love with a girl

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Ah yes, the bite scene. X-23's intention on offering her blood was never really properly explained, in my opinion (it kinda seemed like a 'you look thirsty, have some of my blood' thing...), and neither of them engaged in romantic activity therein or otherwise. They're friends who've shown no obvious sexual interest in one another. Perhaps you should read the issue, it'd clear a lot of things up.

As for Mercury and X-23, you are aware the two of them are friends, right? Mercury has, on occasion, gone out of her way to try and help Laura out, usually by comforting her. They've shown no obvious signs of romantic interest in one another, as far as I know.

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(O_o ) Laura pretty much trashed Julian... then Jubilee comes in and they have a "girls night out".

I am beginning to see... it is plausible...

Whatever (T^T )

Liu ruins everything anyways >:O

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And I am not stating otherwise. Thanks for the comments, though.

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@rokusan23: I had high hopes for Liu's run, she loves the characters and banks on character development. Thing is... Laura's problems are personal and rooted on 'reality', while cosmic things tend to... well... I just can't see the mutant underage prostitute living in the same universe as Reed Richards.

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@Tchokes: Touchy.

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