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THANKS TO FBDARKANGEL AGAIN. (you probably will meh me again but still thank you.)
Ghost Rider really team-up with X-23. 
And i think  it is Danny Ketch over there. 

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that'd be cool

#3 Posted by ka385385 (1403 posts) - - Show Bio
@evanescencefan91 said:
"that'd be cool "

#4 Posted by John Valentine (16416 posts) - - Show Bio

No one mentioned burning.

#5 Posted by ka385385 (1403 posts) - - Show Bio
@John Valentine said:

"No one mentioned burning. "

x-23 did mentioned burning i think.
#6 Posted by ka385385 (1403 posts) - - Show Bio

oh i think i was wrong. 
that's Johnny Blaze. 
anyone feel exciting?

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What is this from?

#8 Posted by SC (15021 posts) - - Show Bio
@k2 said:
" What is this from? "
X-Men Protect and Serve #2 my friend. Its pretty cool too, poor Laura. Nice and sweet story. 

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