Should X-23 and Amiko Kobayshi meet?

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I talked this over with a friend of mine awhile back and we both think it's due for Laura and Amiko to meet each other. Amiko's been part of Wolverine's supporting cast for quite a long time and has great potential as a character (heir to a mystical clan of ninjas) and Laura's done great since her move to the comics and seems to be getting better. Now considering they're both Logan's daughters we're thinking Marvel needs to get to work on a mini series starring both. They're great potential for storylines, it would be interesting to see how they'd interact, Amiko could get some more exposure outside of Wolverine books. What do you think?

(And if you don't know who Amiko is, google is your friend)

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Well X and jubilee got on pretty good this could work. But man the daddy issues these girls could have.

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@Crimsonlord53: Yeah having a dad who let's face is not a good father almost makes it seem like they would be the Marvel version of Sam and Dean Winchester

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