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Exciting news for whoever likes Minimates, and Laura. She's finally getting one of her X-force look. Heres the best pic i could find.  I can tell you one thing, I am so getting her to add to my other two favorite character minimates.

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Is that Goliath and Titanium Man in the back?

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Next to X-Force X23, it's Cable. The one in blue and yellow is either Cyclops, or Thanos (which I'm more focusing on it to be). The fully-green one may be Titanium Man, or someone else completely (not too sure, exactly). And, the last on the right-side... come on... you should know this. It's Captain Marvel. The symbol on his chest must give it away.

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Ok just got the X-23 minimate and it's awesome. Only problem is the crappy painted on belt, don't know why they didn't just give her a belt accessory, would of been nicer. Luckily I had a left over black X-belt from an old minimate.

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oh are you kidding me that just awesome!

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