if she was in a X-men movie who should play her

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if she was in a X-men movie who should play her tell me in the comments

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Mila Kunis!!! Or Sara Hyland if she's younger in the movie. Someone exotic, as X-Men Evolution made me think.

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I will be banned for this. Hate it or love it, I really do think Kristen is a decent choice. She likes playing silent, alienated, troubled teens (like her role in Speak - for me it's like a mirror image of X-23 in Innocence Lost). Twilight comes to the end, so I think it's time to tone down the hate a little bit.

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@ambival1: Dam I hate that in my mind she could play a very good laura as long as her word count was below 100.

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The fact that a part of me thinks Kristen Stewart could do it angers me... especially when the reasonable part of me then understands that she couldn't and dismisses the idea. Even outside of Twilight she is a terribad actress, Laura needs some fiery and tragic moments and Kristen can't pull that off.

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NO! Not her, no fate could be more cruel then to have her be Laura. seeing that and reading it just ruined my day.

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Well, acting is an entirely subjective thing, but her cold look quite fits X's style. If she had never played in Twilight and X-23's story would be her debut, would you argue? I wouldn't.

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I almost forgot. Happy New Year!! Wish you more interesting posts and a dream of X-23's movie finally coming true, no matter who will play the role.

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Mila Kunis would be hot as X-23 remember her in Black Swan?

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Scratch that the best actress in my opinion hands down would be Maggie Q. Thats my X-23.

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Zhang Ziyi would be a good look for X-23. No to mention she'd have the fighting moves.

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Lily Collins

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What do you think about her? Christina Ricci "famous for playing Wendsday in The Addams Family and her incredible extencion in horror Films like Sleepy Hollow, After.Life, Cursed, Monster, and the list goes on thanks to her creepy small doll like face and huge eyes" (The quick career note was taken from the site about propositions for a role of American Mcgee's Alice).

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I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, India Eisley should be X-23, for those of you that don't know who she is....go watch Underworld: Awakening. You'll see why she would be X-23.

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@ambival1: I love Ricci. Total babe with some acting chops. I think she's a bit too old for the role now though.

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@Onemoreposter: Yeah, Ricci could have made a great X-23 10 to 15 years ago. Now, I think Adelaide Kane, the evil cyborg chick from Power Rangers RPM would make a good Laura.

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@frogjitsu: she's got a young Jessica Alba thing going on there, facially at least.

Anyhow, people always post images of the character and celebrity next to each other which emphasize their point, but I don't really like that. I want to see an actress and just think "yes, that's definitely right," and not need a specific point of reference. I know X-23. When I see her in an actress, I just do.

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@akbogert: It's not that simple. For me Kristen Stewart is the best choice, I even posted an article about her as X-23. She is the youngest from all the actresses (at least I think), she likes roles of troubled teens (In one movie she played a teen raped by her

colleague. Her depiction of inner trauma and suffering was marvelous), she doesn't like to smile (she usually have that dark expression like X) and most importantly she looks like her. But what was the reaction? Check above.

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@ambival1: For what it's worth, Kristen Stewart is one of the better recommendations I've seen. I don't much care for her, to be honest, but based on what I've seen her in I could definitely see her pulling Laura off. Would she be the perfect casting? No, I don't get that feeling. But I can see where people are coming from with her and I don't need side-by-side or photoshopped images to help me see it.

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Why nobody mentioned Summer Glau?

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Because Summer Glau back during the firefly/serenity days? Sure. Now... she looks too old to play the character.

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@Kairan1979: Propably because she is the obvious, standard choice. If we don't reach an agreement about an actress, she will get the support, although someone mentioned in a different topic that she is too old to be Laura. I partly agree, since we are talking about a 16 (or 14, I'm not sure) year old assassin.

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I would say that Christina Ricci would be ideal, but she's 33 now. Probably too old.


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Ambival1: She's probably 17 or 18 now. When she and Julian had their blow-out in X-23 #19, Julian mentioned 'after all these years'--which would infer it had been some time since they started their flirtation.

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I think for the most part if they're a big-name actress they're already too old. Glau, Kunis, Ricci, etc. are just too old to play a convincing late high-school/early college-aged girl, especially a master martial artist. Frankly you're probably looking for an unknown, who has training in dance, martial arts, etc. and who also happens to be a good actress. We can find a lot of girls who can fit the look (heck, go hunt down cosplayers) but someone who can also be as convincing in fight scenes as she is in conversation is not nearly that simple.

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@DarkxSeraph: Don't you remember, that we are talking about Marvel universe? Superheroes doesn't age. I'm pretty sure that in Marjorie Liu series or Uncanny X-men someone mentioned her age. At least I'm sure that in Innocence lost she is 14 (for most part) and in Target X she is 16

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Summer Glau...from 10 years ago.

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They age when then need to. Laura was pushed forward some. But, heck, look at Pixie. She went from being an awkward 13/14 year old to a model-esque 17 year old in appearance when she joined the X-Men.

Characters age when it is established they have--and Liu established that it had been 'years' since Laura's arrival at the school and her flirtation with Hellion.

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I want, lol.

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