If Rogue...

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used laura's powers, would all the claws comes from her hands?
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maybe her feet too!

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Why not?  After all, she did have bone claws because of Wolverine's powers... 

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I was originally wondering if they would come out of her feet or hands because the claw was moved. I would think they should all come out of rogues hand, but in Legacy 235, they came out of her feet. Which seems like it should be a mistake because that is not her mutation, but an alteration
#5 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio
@jordama: What's an alteration?  You mean Laura's powers?  It's a progression of Wolverine's powers.  She wasn't given the foot-claws by the Facility, those really are part of her mutation.  So if Rogue's powers copied the bone claws from Wolverine, then she could copy those too. 
#6 Posted by xenatorres (10 posts) - - Show Bio

No, she gets her claws just like Laura has - two in each hand and one in each foot. We've already seen Rogue absorb Laura's powers in Second Coming (there's a picture on her bio page here). In that case though she ALSO absorbed Logan's powers, so she had 8 claws total instead (3 in each hand and one in each foot).

xerox_kitty is correct - Laura's foot claws were not put there by the Facility.

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